In 1986, a new toy store is born in Athens! It’s called Jumbo and it’s made of joy, fun & carelessness!
Driven by its love for toys and need for creativity, it soon gains people’s acknowledgement!

Today, 29 years later, thanks to our distribution in toys sector and playing, as well as our competitive prices, we remain No1 in children’s and adults’ hearts!

A vast variety of toys for all ages and tastes, of well known brands as well as imported, baby care items, stationary, seasonal products, decoration and various home objects for “big kids”, are only a few of the treasures that you will find in Jumbo.

Jumbo stores have become the biggest toy store chain in our country and one of the biggest retailers with 72 stores: 53 in Greece, 5 in Cyprus, 8 in Bulgaria, 6 in Romania , the on line store e-Jumbo and approximately 3.613 employees.

In Jumbo, staying faithful to our vision, we are continuously standing by your side, aiming at making you smile, especially now that we all need it more than ever!